Holcim Philippines income and revenues rise 13% YoY

Holcim Philippines income and revenues rise 13% YoY
26 February 2015

Holcim Philippines posted another record performance last year with a double-digit rise in sales on the back of strong and private infrastructure spending.

The company said that its net income rose by 13 per cent to PHP5.14bn from the previous year’s PHP4.55bn. Revenues also advanced 13 per cent to PHP32.64bn from last year’s PHP28.89bn, the company said.

“The healthy economy continues to provide opportunities for our business to thrive. Last year, with the sustained construction boom, the challenge was ensuring that there is enough supply so these projects are completed on time and on budget. Our company is proud to have met this challenge and contributed to the country’s development,” Holcim President and CEO Eduardo Sahagun, highlighted.

For 2015 Sahagun said the company will focus on continuing to improve its ability to supply the market through efficiency initiatives in manufacturing and logistics.

Sahagun said the higher government budget for infrastructure, sustained private sector expansion and faster implementation of public-private partnership projects will provide the cement industry with opportunities.

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