Ambuja cement is banned in Jammu and Kashmir

 Ambuja cement is banned in Jammu and Kashmir
22 September 2015

The sale of Ambuja cement has been banned in Jammu and Kashmir by the government after an investigation discovered the sale of underweight bags and irrational prices, said a state minister.

The investigation found that the company was selling cement bags at two different MRP rates in Kashmir and Jammu regions, according Mr Choudhary Zulfkar Ali, Minister for CA&PD and Tribal Affairs. A cement bag was sold in Kashmir for INR346.65 per bag while in Jammu it retailed at INR437.69, he added. The state should have one MRP rate as per prescribed rates. In addition, bags were underweight by 400-600g/bag.

"The sale and operations of Ambuja Cements have been banned in the state. These steps have been taken after the complaints of malpractices against the company," he said.

"The department authorities took up the matter with regard to complaints with management of the company, which failed to give satisfactory replies. We raided their CFA godown," he said.

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