Sri Lanka: Tokyo Cement launches skyscraping brand

Sri Lanka: Tokyo Cement launches skyscraping brand
18 November 2015

Tokyo Cement Group has launched its Nippon Cement-Pro brand. This is a new brand of high-performance cement specially formulated for high-rise buildings/skyscrapers and large-scale projects that require high quality and ultra-strong concrete.

With buildings that require more than 30 floors becoming a norm as a result of Sri Lanka's expanding economy, Nippon Cement Pro, offers contractors, city developers and consultants who are constructing condominiums, hotels and city centres, a high-strength concrete that enables the construction of buildings with more than 50 floors as well as reducing the column size and maintaining a stable temperature during curing, which prevents cracking and instability.

Tokyo Cement Group Managing Director, SR Gnanam, stated at the product launch: "It's a very exciting time for the company with the launch of Nippon Cement-Pro. This specially-formulated cement will meet ever-changing wants of our customer demands. It is to meet this demand, Tokyo Cement invested LKR230m [US$1.61m], in the installation of a new silo to ensure consistent supply of Nippon Cement-Pro, that will be supplied exclusively for this purpose. Nippon Cement-Pro is the latest addition to our product range and it caters to the various needs of our customers. We constantly strive to meet the challenges of the market place."

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