Egypt: residents' angry over Titan’s Alexandria emissions

Egypt: residents' angry over Titan’s Alexandria emissions
23 November 2015

Titan's Alexandria cement plant is being investigated in terms of environmental concerns after local residents’ complaints. A complaint was filed on Sunday at the Alexandria Prosecution against the Portland cement factory, reported the Daily News Egypt.

Local residents are worried about the use of coal at the 40-year-old plant in Wady Al-Qamar in northwest Alexandria.

Hany A, one of the residents, said: "This is not the first time we wake up to this smell. We cannot even breathe. This happens on daily basis. We filed another complaint with the prosecution but were again told an investigative committee will be sent to review the situation. However, no one does anything," he added.

The Environment Ministry plans to integrate coal as part of the energy mix by the end of 2015 throughout Egypt's heavy industry, including cement, fertilisers, iron and steel works, as well as electric power stations.

Various local pressure groups, such as Egyptians Against Coal and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights have already filed complaints or announced action to exclude coal from the country's energy mix by 2017.

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