Hope unveils state-of-the-art rail wagons, UK

Hope unveils state-of-the-art rail wagons, UK
03 March 2016

Hope Construction Materials has unveiled 48 state-of-the-art rail wagons, developed in partnership with VTG Rail UK.

The vehicles were officially launched at an event at the Hope Works cement plant in Hope Valley, Derbyshire, with the ribbon cut by Under Secretary of State for Transport, Andrew Jones, MP.

Transport Minister, Andrew Jones, local MP, Andrew Bingham, and

Ashley Bryan, Industrial Director at Hope Construction Materials unveil the new wagons

 The tailor-made wagons, which represent an annual investment of GBP1m over a period of 11 years, have been developed with an enhanced capacity, and can each carry 80t – more than twice the standard payload of 36t. This will increase the capacity of each train to 1850t of cement, 500t more than the previous models.

With fewer rail wagons transporting increased cargo, Hope will be able to deploy fewer trains while ensuring that the two thirds of the total 1Mta production of cement is delivered throughout the UK using the rail network.

Using the enhanced fleet, Hope will continue to transport its cement to construction projects around the UK, using the major depots at Theale, Walsall and Dewsbury.

Trains will also ship to Hope’s Dagenham depot, where new state-of-the-art packing facilities will allow the firm to put cement in its own bags for the first time.

In the first year alone, Hope will see a reduction of almost 20 per cent in trains deployed, falling from 768 in 2015 to 627 in 2016, in line with Hope’s commitment to sustainability and reduced carbon emissions.

Moving 1Mta of cement by rail ensures Hope removes over 33,000 truckloads from local roads during the same period, the company highlighted. In addition, the wagons have a modern design and shorter, wheel-based bogies, ensuring that they emit less noise and therefore minimise impact on surrounding communities, it added.

Ashley Bryan, Industrial Director at Hope Construction Materials, said: “We are delighted to unveil this project which will result in greater efficiency and sustainability of our rail operations throughout the UK.

“Cement is the lifeblood of UK construction and key to economic development. This new deal will see Hope able to transport bigger payloads in fewer journeys, benefitting both our customers throughout Britain, but also the environment. We look forward to realising the benefits of these state-of-the-art wagons.

“Our cement will be transported by rail to our new Dagenham plant which is set to open in the second quarter of 2016, to then be bagged and sent on to customers throughout Britain, which is something we are particularly excited about.”

Transport Minister Andrew Jones, said: “It is a pleasure to officially unveil these new rail wagons. I am pleased to see the industry making great steps towards improving the environmental impact of their freight traffic, with more efficient, cleaner and quieter wagons, and I wish them every success in their future operations.”

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