India: Kanodia Group launches BIFCEM brand

India: Kanodia Group launches BIFCEM brand
23 June 2016

Kanodia group launched its new ‘BIGCEM’ cement brand initially targeting the markets of Uttarakhand and Western Uttar Pradesh. The company wishes to expand to Delhi and NCR in its coming expansion programme followed by Bihar in August 2016

The BIGCEm brand was revealed in the presence of Vishal Kanodia, managing director, Gautam Kanodia, director and Manoj Kamboj, CEO of Kanodia Group.

Mr Vishal Kanodia said, “With a fineness level of 4k, it is expected to be one of the finest cement available not only in India but also in the international arena.”

Furthermore, Mr Gautam Kanodia said, “BIGCEM is expected to give 40 per cent more strength than the prevailing BIS standards which makes it a very high-quality product.”
Mr Manoj Kamboj added, “Currently, set up at a capacity of 4.2Mt, the company desires to lead the North Indian markets by producing 10Mt by 2020. He is also added that  Kanodia group recently signed an MOU with the Government of Uttar Pradesh worth INR11000m (US$163.2m) ”

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