CSI: trend of continuous decline in CO2 emissions by cement industry

CSI: trend of continuous decline in CO2 emissions by cement industry
19 September 2016

The Cement Sustainability Initiative’s (CSI) recently-published “Getting The Numbers Right” (GNR) report for 2014 has identified a trend of continuous reduction in CO2 emissions by the cement industry over the last decade.

“The 2014 results show the European cement industry is maintaining the improvements of recent years and this in line with its low carbon economy roadmap. According to the database, clinker and cementitious production started to grow again by 2.9 per cent YoY whilst net specific CO2 emissions decreased by 0.2 per cent. Specific kiln fuel use also slightly decreased. The use of alternative fuels increased by almost six per cent year on year,” said Cembureau, the European cement association, in a statement.

The association added: “In 2016, for the first time, GNR commissioned an independent review of the reports by the European Cement Research Academy (ECRA). To improve the information value of the report, for example, charts now have more relevant information on coverage for recent years. Also, alternative fuels are now labelled as either “biomass” or “alternative fossil and mixed fuels”. Another development is the generation of national and regional cumulative frequency distributions (cfds) from facility data rather than from consolidated company level inputs. This allows many more ‘cfds’ at national and regional level than in previous years while maintaining the strict confidentiality policies of GNR.”

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