Vietnam: inspection of polluted plants

Vietnam: inspection of polluted plants
10 October 2016

A joint delegation from the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment were due to inspect cement plants that pose a high risk of contamination. The inspection investigated production and waste treatment facilities at the plants. Minister of Industry and Trade, Trần Tuấn Anh has asked corporations to consider establishing a specialised department for environmental work for large-scale enterprises.

Contractors and investors were required to completed environmental protection projects in accordance with commitments stated in environmental impact assessments that were carried out in the six-month trial period before each officially began operation. These projects and reports were to be published. Mr Anh also spoke of the need to strengthen the management of hazardous waste and wastewater, saying all environmental regulations should be met.

The Head of Industrial Safety Techniques and Environment Agency, Trần Văn Lượng, said that inspections had been carried out at 29 facilities in the industry and trade sectors, including cement plants and thermal power plants, and the majority has observed the law and completed the correct assessments. However, many businesses has not met environmental protection standards and some have not been permitted to discharge wastewater.

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