Aggregate Industries introduces Postmix to its Lafarge Cement range

Aggregate Industries introduces Postmix to its Lafarge Cement range
25 July 2017

Aggregate Industries has introduced Postmix to its Lafarge Cement range of packed products, a quality-assured premixed ready-to-use formulation for fixing all types of fence posts.
Lafarge Postmix is composed of a selected blend of cements and aggregates intended for domestic use. Easy to use, the product requires no mixing – just add water. It sets in five to 10 minutes and then rapidly hardens, allowing for fence panel hanging in around 30 minutes.
Postmix fixes all types of wood, metal and concrete posts, in all types of soil. It comes in a plastic bag, meaning it can be stored outside, off the ground, without the risk of deterioration.
Jeremy Lee, Sales Director at Aggregate Industries comments: “Postmix is the ideal solution for tradesmen, offering ease of application, more speed, less mess and assured performance. Simply dig a hole to the required size, half fill the hole with water and place the post in the hole. Add Postmix uniformly around the post until it’s above the water level then adjust into position and support for 10 minutes until secured.”

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