Cemex: environmental savings for construction by barging

Cemex: environmental savings for construction by barging
25 July 2017

Aggregates being barged up the River Thames

Last month was a record month for transporting aggregates by barge down the River Thames, UK, saving approximately 320 road journeys.

June saw record tonnages by barge of 10,300t sand and gravel loaded at Dagenham Wharf and transported along the River Thames to Fulham, to meet the increasing demand for concrete by the London construction market. The tonnage represents the equivalent of approximately 320 road journeys by eight-wheeler HGVs.

Cemex started barging down the Thames in 2012 and today, approximately three or four barge loads a week are transported by contractor, Thames Shipping LTd. So far this year, approximately 48,000t has been transported by this mode of transport.

"Barging is just one of the alternative modes of transport to road transportation. Combined with rail and sea freight this forms a significant link in our overall Supply Chain. Barge movements are on course to transport 50 per cent more by volume than last year, producing a great environmental saving,” comments Mark Grimshaw-Smith, head of Cemex Rail and Sea.

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