Cemex to supply Mexico City’s New International Airport

Cemex to supply Mexico City’s New International Airport
17 August 2017

Cemex expects to supply approximately 900,000m3 of concrete for Mexico City’s New International Airport.

“We are very proud to participate in one of the most important infrastructure projects in Latin America,” said Juan Romero Torres, president of Cemex Mexico. “Mexico City’s New International Airport will improve the quality of life for millions of people and strengthen the city’s position as a hemispheric hub connecting the Americas.”

The airport will be built in two phases, beginning with three runways and adding three later. Its maximum capacity will be 120m passengers per year. The first terminal will be “X” shaped, with a total capacity of 68m passengers.

Because of the condition of the ground on which the airport is built – the bed of former Texcoco Lake – Cemex will supply a special mix of high-sulphate-resistant concrete. Resistance to sulphates can be significantly improved by producing a dense, impermeable concrete which is obtained by utilising very resistant cement with a low cement-to-water ratio. With over 110 years of experience in the industry, Cemex offers the most advanced concrete technology on the market.

Cemex has participated on other major infrastructure projects in Mexico, such as the Baluarte Bicentenario Bridge in the northwestern state of Durango and the La Yesca Dam in the northwestern state of Nayarit; as well as other noteworthy international projects, such as the Panama Canal, Malaysia’s Mass Rapid Transit system, and a tidal barrage and hydroelectric plant on Egypt’s Nile River.

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