Florida cement-recycling business turned down

Florida cement-recycling business turned down
25 August 2017

Sarasota County Commissioners, in Florida, have turned down a plan to locate a cement-recycling plant near a popular bird sanctuary. The Audubon Society calls the site an ideal location for bird watching.

Mr Jim Gabbert had proposed building a 16-acre cement-recycling facility less than a mile away from The Celery Fields.

County Commissioner Nancy Detert said she would have approved the plan 25 years ago. "Every town has an area where you kinda send your junk businesses to," said Detert. "But now there's a lot of residences there. Now the Celery Fields are popular. What I think happened here is that Mr Gabbert missed the market."

Sarasota commissioners agreed recycling construction debris is good for the environment, but this is the wrong location.

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