MPA warns UK Government of its need to support MASS

MPA warns UK Government of its need to support MASS
08 September 2017

Nigel Jackson, CEO of the Mineral Products Association (MPA) in the UK has written to the Communities and Local Government Secretary, Sajid Javid MP, on the need to continue cutting red tape in the extraction industry, support mineral planning and protect the Managed Aggregate Supply System (MASS).

If the government takes no action, it will undermine any attempts to fix a broken housing market and supply significant infrastructure projects that are planned over the next 5 to 10 years, claims MPA.

Forming a joint government/industry strategic group would enable detailed due diligence on developing more effective regulation through better implementation to be taken forward/undertaken, says MPA.

MPA also states that provision of the 3.2-3.8bnt of materials required to underpin the anticipated needs of the construction sector to 2030 needs active management to guarantee the right resources are made available when required, the association states.

Furthermore, Local Aggregate Assessments (LAAs), which Aggregate Working Parties (AWPs) depend on to make plans, are based on historic levels of activity. LAA methodology is set out in DCLG guidance but, in the absence of updated national guidelines, mineral planning authorities and AWPs are not equipped to properly consider future demand and coordinate supply between areas, says MPA.

In addition, MPA says that AWP funding is uncertain. That, coupled with the loss of capacity in the Minerals and Waste Division at DCLG means that MASS is now seriously at risk, says MPA.

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