Cemex launches Cemex Go

Cemex launches Cemex Go
09 November 2017

The CEO of Cemex, Fernando A Gonzalez, has announced the release of a new multi-device application designed to simplify the customer process. Cemex Go will be a push to revolutionise the construction industry.

Cemex Go will allow the customer to place orders, track shipments, and manage invoices and payments for Cemex products. Through the use of real-time information, customers will also be able to receive instant notifications of their order status and modify the order accordingly.

"Cemex Go creates an experience for our customers that is superior to anything that has been provided in the past and is the only platform of its kind currently offered in the industry" said Gonzalez.

Cemex Go was made instantly available to customers in the US and Mexico from its announcement on Wednesday. It will continue to be rolled out worldwide until December 2018, when at such time the application will be available across all markets.

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