CarbonCure Technologies demonstrates CO2 capture and utilisation

CarbonCure Technologies demonstrates CO2 capture and utilisation
28 February 2018

CarbonCure Technologies claims that it has led a team of five companies to demonstrate the world's first integrated CO2 capture and utilisation (CCU) from cement for concrete production.

CO2 emissions from the Cementos Argos' Roberta cement plant near Calera, Alabama, were captured by Sustainable Energy Solutions’ (SES) cryogenic CO2 capture technology, transported by Praxair, Inc and reused in Argos' Glenwood (Atlanta) concrete operations equipped with CarbonCure's CO2 utilisation technology.

The concrete manufactured with the waste CO2 from the Argos Roberta cement plant was then used in a local construction project in the greater Atlanta area.

The project was an extension of Team CarbonCure's participation in the US$20m NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE Challenge, which incentivises and accelerates the development of integrated CCU technologies and new markets that convert CO2 emissions from coal and natural gas power generation into valuable products.

Other design partners and fellow members of CarbonCure's US$$20m NRG Carbon XPRIZE winning team included LS3P Architects, Uzun + Case Structural Engineering and Walter P Moore Structural Engineer.

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