Cement Australia fined in Port Kembla over raw material storage

Cement Australia fined in Port Kembla over raw material storage
12 March 2018

Cement Australia's Christy Drive operation has been served fines of AUD30,000 (US$23,500) from the Environment Protection Authority for improper storage of its materials at Port Kembla.

The Cement Australia facility earned the fines after the EPA found two licence conditions had been broken on numerous occasions at the plant, operated by Port Kembla Milling Pty Ltd. The company was fined over failing to cover raw materials.

The EPA said gypsum and limestone were stored in the open at the Port Kembla facility on at least five occasions since January 2016.
 Under the facility’s planning approval and licence conditions these materials are required to be stored in an enclosed location to prevent dust emissions.

The fine was comprised of two AUD15,000 penalties for breaching two licence conditions, reports the Illawarra Mercury. The EPA said Port Kembla Milling would also be required to complete an "independent audit" of its raw materials handling processes to confirm appropriate systems are in place.

EPA metropolitan regional director, Giselle Howard, said: "While the outdoor storage of the material caused no environmental harm on this occasion and there were no recorded dust impacts on residents, the licence conditions are there to manage environmental risks bulk materials facilities can pose."

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