Holcim Philippines moves coal stockpile after spill

Holcim Philippines moves coal stockpile after spill
06 August 2018

To prevent the repeat of a coal spill that has polluted the shores of Bacnotan, Holcim Philippines Inc has moved its temporary coal stockpile to enclosed storage areas and put up three additional siltation pond, according to the Philippine Daily Enquirer.

Coal at the original stockpile was washed down by heavy rains, resulting in “water coming from the mountain to create a gap in the benched wall” and divert coal from the siltation pond toward the shoreline, according to a Holcim statement.

At least 40t of coal were carried to the shore, said Crisanto Palabay, chair of the Save the Beauty of La Union. A marine impact assessment was carried out by the Environmental Management Bureau and an third-party laboratory accredited by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

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