Vecoplan opens branch in Poland

Vecoplan opens branch in Poland
08 February 2019

To provide its Polish customers with even better customer care, Vecoplan, which specialises in machines and plants that crush, convey and process primary and secondary raw materials in the production and recycling cycle, has opened a branch in Warsaw, Poland.

The Vecoplan Polska sp z o o team includes Maciej Kamola, who is responsible for the destruction of paper, documents and data, in-house recycling and post-consumer plastic. Ireneusz Suszyna manages Vecoplan’s domestic and  commercial waste and substitute fuels on the Polish market. These two experienced sales specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the market and sound technical backgrounds. The third member of the team is service technician Tomasz Konieczka, who has been making service for Vecoplan for more than five years and is consequently very familiar with the company’s products. Michael Lambert, CFO of Vecoplan AG, is the nominal CEO of the Polish operation, the coordination of which is managed by Martina Schmidt, head of the recycling and waste division.

Ireneusz Suszyna manages

domestic and commercial

waste and substitute fuel

for Vecoplan

Maciej Kamola is

responsible for paper,

document and data

destruction, in-house

recycling and post-

consumer plastic

Experienced service

technician Tomasz

Konieczka has in-depth

knowledge of Vecoplan


While long established in Poland, the opening of this new branch is an important milestone for Vecoplan in its expansion of direct customer service in eastern European markets. Vecoplan Polska is responsible for machine and service sales, while technical development and project support is carried out by Application Technology at the main plant in Bad Marienberg, facilitating communication within the supply chain, since projects can often be extremely complex. This approach guarantees the implementation of optimal customer solutions. “Our Polish branch has given us sufficient space for growth – and we can reach our customers even faster,” says Martina Schmidt.

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