Bilfinger wins refractory order at Cemex Polska

Bilfinger wins refractory order at Cemex Polska
22 March 2019

Bilfinger's Engineering & Maintenance Continental Europe division has won an order to install refractories at the Cemex Polska Rudniki plant in Poland.

The Rudniki plant is being equipped with a new clinker cooler. Bilfinger will install the refractory linings for parts of the plant, which entails using around 2000t of refractory material within a five-month period. The contract additionally includes assembly work during installation of Cemex Polska’s new production line.

Tom Blades, Bilfinger CEO, said: "By delivering gains in process efficiency and system reliability, we are able to raise plant availability levels across the board. By making the plant more efficient overall, we can boost productivity and help cut cement cost per tonne making us the go-to provider for clients like Cemex Polska."

For this project, Bilfinger will rely on its teams at the Bilfinger Service Center in Ożarów, Poland, where two task forces – one specialising in refractory work and the other focused on the mechanical installation – have been deployed for the Cemex Polska project.

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