Cemex Ventures invests in real-time delivery company

Cemex Ventures invests in real-time delivery company
12 April 2019

Cemex Ventures  has invested in LINKX, a software company that specialises in goods delivery optimisation. LINKX will help Cemex achieve control of deliveries in real time, allowing data-based decision-making and communication between shipper, carrier and receiver.

"This investment is a clear example of our offer," said Gonzalo Galinodo, CEO of Cemex Ventures." LINKX came to us at a very early stage, and together, we worked on continuous improvements by reinforcing their minimum viable product and offering continuous feedback on our knowledge of industry and technology. After numerous optimisations, we have piloted this solution with several Cemex clients to achieve a very robust solution for the supply chain management challenge."

LINKX currently operates in the Mexican and Spanish markets.

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