Dal Teknik Makina to upgrade Gazakh cement plant

Dal Teknik Makina to upgrade Gazakh cement plant
11 July 2019

Dal Teknik Makina has won the contract to upgrade the Gazakh cement plant in Azerbaijan. The clinker production capacity will rise from 2500 to 3300tpd. The supply of equipment is expected to be completed in six months and the shutdown period is planned for five weeks.

Dal Teknik Makina evaluated the current situation of the specified bottlenecks and offered an upgrade plan involving the raw mill unit, kiln de-dusting unit and pyroprocessing section. The first part of the upgrade will be to retrofit the raw mill unit. A static drying separator will be placed in front of the raw mill to dry clay and a portion of the limestone. The existing dynamic separator, ball charge, all parts of separator cyclones and raw mill fan will be upgraded. Therefore, raw mill grinding capacity will be upgraded by drying the raw materials and enhancing the separation efficiency.

The raw mill/kiln bag filter and filter fan will then be upgraded to reach the desired upgraded capacity. Dal Teknik Makina will finally change the first four-stage cyclones in the preheater, modify of the calciner-TAD connection and fit new splash boxes to raise plant's pyroprocessing section to 3300tpd capacity.

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