Eurocement Group to offer polypropylene packaging

Eurocement Group to offer polypropylene packaging
24 July 2019

The Eurocement Group will provide customers with the opportunity to purchase ared cement in high-quality polypropylene (PP) bags as result of a strategic cooperation between Eurocement and SIBUR, one of Russia’s largest PP producers.

The group is currently large-scale testing of the PP packaging under actual operating conditions, in which customers are able to evaluate the benefits of the packaging and give feedback. Their higher strength also enables their use for the collection and disposal of refuse, including construction waste.

The new bags are stronger and remain intact, even when dropped from a height of several metres. Moreover, the PP bags are not toxic, do not emit harmful substances, and can be recycled and manufactured into new products.

The bags are produced on modern Austrian equipment in line with international quality standards by KONTI, a partner of SIBUR Holding.

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