Argos' Harleyville plant wins Energy Star®

Argos' Harleyville plant wins Energy Star®
22 August 2019

Argos has been awarded the Energy Star® certification from the United States Environmental Protection Agency for the second-consecutive year for its Harleyville cement plant.

Argos has been recognised  for its commitment to reduce and efficient use of energy and the preservation of environmental resources. The award for the Harleyville plant follows those obtained by the Newberry and Roberta plant in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

"We are delighted to be granted with this certification that ratifies our commitment to sustainability and validates our practices in this important topic. The responsible use of energy is an essential pillar of our company, and we work everyday in the development and implementation of technologies that enable efficient use and strategic management of this resource," said Maria Isabel Echeverri, Argos' legal sustainability vice-president.

The Harleyville plant is also distinguished for having the USA's largest cement mill, which operates on approximately half of the power consumption required by a traditional mill. The Harleyville plant also uses co-processing.

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