GCCA launches 'Innovandi - the GCC Research Network'

GCCA launches 'Innovandi - the GCC Research Network'
11 October 2019

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has today announced the formation of Innovandi - the Global Cement and Concrete Research Network (GCCRN).
The network ties together the cement and concrete industry with scientific institutions to drive and support global innovation with actionable research, building on the industry's long-held commitment to ensuring a sustainable future. These comittments include, achieving an 18.3 per cent reduction in CO2 per tonne of cementitious product since 1990 and increasing the use of alternative fuels eight-fold in that same timeframe.

"Our industry is fully committed to taking action to reduce CO2 emissions," said Benjamin Sporton, GCCA CEO at the GCCA Annual Conference in Singapore. "As such, Innovandi is an industry led initiative and will bring together the best minds from all corners of the cement and concrete world, academia and business. Together, we will truly collaborate on a global scale and use our expertise to find new ways of working and developing effective innovations.

"This will really help to ensure that concrete becomes the sustainable building material of choice for the future needs of the world."

Initially, 24 companies from across the cement and concrete industry, including cement and concrete manufacturers, admixture specialists and equipment suppliers, have already committed to Innovandi.

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