CRDC launches EcoConcreto product

CRDC launches EcoConcreto product
15 November 2019


CRDC launch EcoConcreteo product

CRDC launch EcoConcreto product

The Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration (CRDC) launched its plastic-to-concrete invention 'EcoConcreto' at the Sustainable Brands Oceans Congress in Porto, Portugal. The CRDC process involves efficient upcycling of massive industrial quantities of plastic waste and enriching it into a synthetic construction aggregate that is lighter in weight and more durable than conventional concrete, claims CRDC.

The CRDC product is a pre-conditioned resin aggregate (PRA) that incorporates regenerated waste plastic particles combined with a standard sand-cement mixture to produce a highly resistant, durable cement or cement block.

Just one CRDC facility and plant would eliminate 11,760tpa of plastic, produce 13,400tpa of PRA (pre-conditioned resin aggregate) and produce 268,800tpa of concrete containing five per cent PRA.

"The objective is to create a platform whereby single-use plastics may be transitioned into a supply stream for high-quality construction materials while providing a solution to two of the world's most pressing issues:  the recovery of waste plastics from the environment and the global housing deficit," said Donald Thomson, CRDC's CEO.

The CRDC is working on this initiative with three of the founding members of The Allicance to End Plastic Waste, one of the world’s largest brokers of recycled materials, the food and beverage industry, Habitat for Humanity, Oean Recovery Alliance and leading construction and concrete companies in various markets around the world and with municipalities and governments.

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