Cementos Argos reopening Colombian plants

Cementos Argos reopening Colombian plants
16 April 2020

Cementos Argos announced it will be partially reopening its operations in Colombia to supply the public works that were given the go-ahead by Decree 531 of April 2020.

The Rioclaro works in Antioquia as well as a limited number of concrete plants will open, in line with health and safety guidance defined by the authorities, according to Valora Analitik.

"The company is ready to scale up its operation in the country once the activity of construction of buildings and the commercialisation of construction materials is enabled," the company said.

In other markets such as the USA, the company continues to operate under normal conditions as construction is considered an essential activities. In Central America and the Caribbean French Guiana and Suriname have been affected by a decrease in demand, but in Haiti sales are as normal. Operations are significantly reduced or suspended in Panama, Puerto Rico, Honduras, the Dominican Republic although in some of these markets exceptions have been approved.

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