GCP Applied Technologies releases 2020 sustainability vision

GCP Applied Technologies releases 2020 sustainability vision
24 April 2020

Additive producer GCP Applied Technologies has released its vision on a sustainable future. As a leading manufacturer of construction technology products, GCP Applied Technologies states that it has a responsibility to make the building process more sustainable.

In response to this the company has detailed three core sections for its 2020 sustainability vision.
• Products: GCP product development, using technology and chemistry to develop solutions to reduce waste and increase efficiency
• People: its employees who are working to build better communities across the world
• Processes: GCP's efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing plants.

"This mission is driving us to develop and deliver products that help our customers reduce their carbon footprint, decrease waste, and improve the durability of the structures they create. In addition to the societal and environmental reasons to do so, there is profound financial value to placing sustainability at the center of how we work," said GCP Applied Technologies CEO, Randy Dearth.

"To be successful, sustainability must be infused into all that we do," said Karen Ethier, GCP Applied Technologies vice president of environment, health, safety and quality. "GCP's sustainability goals are to operate our business in a way that is conscious of protecting the environment and to continue to innovate in ways that support sustainable construction. We look forward to sharing these positive outcomes."

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