ScanTogo and CimBénin donate EUR39,636 to biosphere reserve

ScanTogo and CimBénin donate EUR39,636 to biosphere reserve
01 May 2020

ScanTogo and CimBénin (HeidelbergCement group) have donated EUR39,636 to support a project for the Sustainable Management of Biodiversity in the Mono Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, on the border of Benin and Togo.

The two cement producers hope the donations helps to safeguard the reserve having launched the project to raise funds on 10 February 2020.

"The biological diversity of the Mono Reserve is increasingly threatened by population growth and growing pressure on natural resources. About 80 per cent of the local population lives from agriculture, fishing, wood and charcoal," says Eric Goulignac, managing director of HeidelbergCement Group companies in Togo.

The financing of ScanTogo and CimBénin is part of HeidelbergCement Group’s commitment to sustainable development by 2030. The funds will be distributed among eight non-governmental organisations (NGOs), five of which are in Togo and three in Benin. "These partnerships with NGOs are aimed at the conservation and protection of animal and plant species in the southern part of the Mono River, the natural border between Togo and its eastern neighbour," says Eric Goulignac.

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