Israel's Economy Minister seeks higher import tariff

Israel's Economy Minister seeks higher import tariff
22 June 2020

Israel’s Minister of Economy, Amir Peretz, announced on Friday that he intended to raise the tariff on imported cement from 0.25 per cent to 17.25 per cent, according to The Times of Israel. However, the motion was blocked by the Finance Minister, who must approve the move.

Mr Peretz explained his intentions by noting that cement was being sold to Israel at dumping prices, which are harming the local industry. The low prices had also not brought down housing costs.

Nesher, Israel’s main cement producer, has also committed to not raising prices to more than ILS250/t (US$73), compared to an average of ILS240/t currently, continued Mr Peretz. 

An advisory committee has already acknowledged that cement dumping is taking place with regards to imports from Turkey and Greece, but cement is also imported from Jordan and Cyprus at non-dumping prices.

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