UltraTech Cement Ltd commits to GCCA's 2050 Climate Ambition

UltraTech Cement Ltd commits to GCCA's 2050 Climate Ambition
24 September 2020

UltraTech Cement Ltd, as a founding member of the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA), has committed to the ‘2050 Climate Ambition’ announced by GCCA on behalf of all its member companies. The GCCA’s ‘2050 Climate Ambition’ is the member companies’ commitment to drive down the CO2 footprint of their operations and products, and their collective aspiration to deliver society with carbon-neutral concrete by 2050. The industry is coming together to outline this important ambition of a carbon-neutral future for the world’s key building material.

The ‘2050 Climate Ambition’ provides an opportunity for UltraTech, India’s largest producer of grey cement, white cement and ready-mix concrete, to reinforce its commitment to further reduce the carbon footprint of its products. UltraTech will work with GCCA and its members across the built environment value chain to deliver this aspiration in a circular economy, whole life context.

Kailash Jhanwar, managing director, UltraTech, said, "UltraTech is a firm believer that companies across the built environment can come together and build climate resilient structures in a below 1.5-degree world. We believe this journey will be challenging but are fully committed to working together within our sector, and with wider partners, to achieving our ambition. Our company has stepped up climate action by accelerating adoption of key levers like low clinker products, energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste heat recovery, and use of alternate fuel and raw material."

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