PCA promotes Portland-limestone cement

PCA promotes Portland-limestone cement
09 October 2020

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) has launched a new initiative promoting the sustainable benefits of Portland-limestone cement (PLC).

Manufactured with more limestone than OPC Type I, PLC emits 10 per cent less greenhouse gases than OPC to manufacture. "PLC is another example of the cement industry evolving over the years, continuing to innovate and sustainably producing the high-quality cement that is needed to help keep America's infrastructure strong and resilient," said PCA President and CEO, Mike Ireland. "This initiative will help educate engineers and other specifiers on how PLC can easily be incorporated into numerous projects."

The PLC microsite called greenercement.com will focus on case studies, applications and frequently-asked questions about the status acceptance in the USA and around the world. The site also gives users access to a PLC calculator where builders, architects and designers can input values to see how much PLC can reduce an overall project's carbon footprint.

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