Nuvoco Vistas Corp launch InstaMix Xpress in Bhutan

Nuvoco Vistas Corp launch InstaMix Xpress in Bhutan
21 January 2021

Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd of India has released its InstaMix Xpress product in Bhutan. InstaMix Xpress is a pre-mixed, ready-to-use, bagged, dry concrete supply. The premium-quality bagged concrete is easy to use and can be supplied anytime anywhere regardless of the desired quantity, claims Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd.  

Nuvoco Vistas Ltd has supplied Instamix Xpress to Kolkata Telecom Support & Service for the casting of mobile phone tower foundations in Jaigaon, Bhutan. Altogether more than 250 bags amounting to 12Mt of InstaMix Xpress were dispatched via road. Jaigaon serves as a major gateway for Bhutan to the rest of India through Siliguri. 

Mr Prashant Jha, who leads the ready-mix business of Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd, said, "Nuvoco’s reputation as top manufacturers and suppliers of concrete products is due to our commitment to upholding the quality standards of our product. The client was looking for M35-grade concrete which is a structural grade concrete and cannot be produced at the site level. Hence, they needed a high-value portable solution. Instamix Xpress fits the requirement perfectly as it needs only water to be added at the site before pouring without compromising the quality of construction.

"Moreover, Jaigaon is predominantly a rural market with a diverse population that has led to the development of the service sector in various fields. The confluence of people taking place from both sides of the border has led to a significant amount of development in the region; one of them being erecting mobile towers for better connectivity across the town."

Nuvoco is currently the largest cement player in east India and the fifth-largest in India. InstaMix Xpress is a pre-blended mixture of cement, sand, and aggregates with special admixtures. Since its launch last year, InstaMix Xpress has become the preferred choice for contractors and Individual Home Builders (IHB) because of the convenience and high quality it guarantees. 

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