Lafarge Mannersdorf orders new BEUMER conveying system

Lafarge Mannersdorf orders new BEUMER conveying system
23 February 2021

Lafarge Zementwerke GmbH in Mannersdorf, Austria, has awarded the contract for a conveying system for alternative fuels and materials to BEUMER Group.

The Mannersdorf plant uses plastic waste as an alternative fuel and raw materials. However, when the old conveying system was irreparably damaged after a fire in June 2020, the company commissioned BEUMER Group to supply a new and more powerful system.

The order includes two pipe conveyors, which convey the material. The first conveyor has a diameter of 200mm and a length of 87m. Its conveying capacity amounts to 10tph. The second pipe conveyor is 192m long, has a diameter of 250mm and a conveying capacity of 22tph. The lifting heights amount to approximately 39m and the maximum angle of inclination is 15˚. There are also three buffer bins and a weigh feeder. In addition to the delivery and installation, the BEUMER team also handles engineering and commissioning.
"As a team, we were able to convince the persons responsible of our solution," says Andrea Prevedello, CEO of BEUMER Group Austria, satisfied. The proposed design of both pipe conveyors is developed and planned with foresight, so that the systems can be expanded as required and their conveying capacities increased without great effort.

The commissioning of the new system is scheduled for mid-April 2021.

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