Argos launches Soluciones Verdes

Argos launches Soluciones Verdes
18 March 2021

Argos officially launched its Green Solutions portfolio 'Soluciones Verdes' following a webinar on 17 March. The Colombian cement producer outlined how it will produce more environmentally-friendly products and services building towards a more sustainable future. The initiative aims to provide actions, products and services to reduce carbon emissions, adapting to natural phenomena, contributing to the circular economy and promoting well-being and comfort solutions. 

Green cement will be a major part of the new portfolio of products. It is a gray cement for genral use that generates 35 per cent less CO2 emissions that OPC. Type I cement. Bogota will see the first introduction of green cement distributed from the Sogamoso plant. The Ricoclaro in Colombia and the Piedras Azules plant in Honduras will complete the first three plants introducing Argos’ green cement that will have green technology certification. 

Other products in the cement and concrete segment of Soluciones Verdes include durable low permeable concrete, high strength concrete, concrete for pavements, pervious concrete and the green sacks programme. The complete portfolio will initially be available in Colombia, and it will gradually be introduced to the other geographies where Argos has a presence.

Argos has put sustainability at the forefront of everything it does and the green solutions will work closely with the company’s commitments to Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). 

"The Sustainability Development Goals are key for the green portfolio in the company's contribution to managing climate change," said Carlos Gomez, Argos' technical advisor. "This is a testament towards our commitment to curbing greenhouse gases and the effects of climate change. We are becoming allies with different stakeholders across our value chain to curb climate change."

Juan Esteban Calle, Argos CEO, also outlined the origin of Argos’ commitment towards transforming the cement industry and what motivates Argos in reducing carbon emissions: "At Argos, we are aware of the great importance of managing climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy, and we understand that to achieve this goal, we must work together. That is why we are providing the Green Solutions portfolio to our clients, a set of products and solutions aimed at strengthening our value chain and mitigating the impact of our operation from the production process to the final disposal of our products. We are convinced that Green Solutions will allow us to continue positioning ourselves as a strategic ally for the design and construction of projects with sustainable characteristics."

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