Decarbonising concrete report released

Decarbonising concrete report released
22 March 2021

ClimateWorks Foundation in collaboration with Northwestern University has announced new research for reducing emissions in concrete. The report entitled 'Decarbonizing Concrete: Deep decarbonization pathways for the cement and concrete cycle in the United States and China' shows in greater detail than ever before multiple ways to drive the cement industry toward net-zero emissions by mid-century, including production-side mitigation measures, research and development, and demand reduction by increasing the use of lean construction and other sustainable building materials.

The report presents a cradle-to-grave analysis of the entire cement and concrete cycle, identifying the key decarbonisation levers and opportunities, and modelling the combined contribution of these approaches. Using real-world data to generate illustrative pathways for mid-century decarbonisation, the report specifies 30 levers for lowering emissions, including both conventional approaches, such as more efficient kilns and greater use of bio-derived fuels, and emerging technologies such as greener cement chemistries, materials efficiency, and carbon capture and utilisation. 

Eric Masanet, the project’s principal investigator, stated: "One clear conclusion we arrived at in the course of our research is that there is no single solution, but rather a range of small and large changes that will be necessary to achieve net-zero emission targets." Zhi Cao, the project's lead analyst, added "Our report offers a rich and detailed blueprint for governments and companies looking to support economy-wide decarbonisation goals."

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