Waste Knot Energy to reduce carbon emissions with new SIRF pellet range

Waste Knot Energy to reduce carbon emissions with new SIRF pellet range
25 March 2021

Waste Knot Energy has developed a new range of pellets made from non-recyclable waste, designed specifically for energy-intensive industries looking to reduce their carbon footprint. These include producers of cement and steel, as well as power stations.

The Solid Improved Recovered Fuel pellets (SIRF) are made from dry commercial and industrial waste materials such as wood, card, paper and non-chlorinated plastics.They reduce waste going to landfill and are far cleaner to burn than fossil fuels, reducing carbon emissions and helping to fight climate change. 

The development of these pellets means businesses with high-energy-use requirements now have a cheaper and greener alternative to using traditional fuels such as coal, petcoke or gas, claims Waste Knot Energy.

Roger Ferguson, founder of Waste Knot Energy, said: "A detailed analysis of the carbon footprint of our pellets, conducted by independent environmental consultants, revealed highly positive results. It showed the pellets save 550kg of CO2 per tonne – so almost half a tonne of CO2 equivalent – compared to sending the contents to landfill.

“Even when you take into account emissions required to manufacture our pellets, which including energy and transportation comes to 108kg of CO2 per tonne, there’s a big carbon saving."

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