Lafarge Canada targets energy reductions in Edmonton

Lafarge Canada targets energy reductions in Edmonton
17 May 2021

Lafarge Canada Inc has participated in three Edmonton City initiatives, demonstrating how local community and businesses can underpin an energy transition. The three initiatives are: Corporate Climate Leaders, Building Energy Retrofit Accelerator Rebate, and Energy Benchmarking.

As a part of the endeavour, Lafarge measured the energy consumption (natural gas and electricity) of its participating buildings with over 400 local buildings. From there, and with the help of a rebate from the Building Energy Retrofit Accelerator programme, the producer completed a lighting conversion project at its Winterburn shop. The site reduced energy consumption by 33 per cent and increased lighting by 1400 per cent.

"We are proof that sustainable business is good business, and we saw that from our work with the Corporate Climate leaders. Working with the City of Edmonton on hitting these energy reduction targets has shown practical ways that we can contribute to the green economy," affirms Lafarge Canada Vice President and General Manager of Central and Northern Alberta, Prez Skiba.

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