Cement imports to the Philippines are increasing by 6-7% YoY

Cement imports to the Philippines are increasing by 6-7% YoY
17 May 2021

CEMAP data showed imports were growing by an average of 6-7 per cent annually. In 2020 approximately 500t of cement arrived from Vietnam, which emerged as the biggest cement exporter in southeast Asia. Vietnam cement accounted for nearly 90 per cent of total imports, CEMAP said.

Meanwhile, many cement manufacturers in the Philippines are pushing for an end to cement imports, citing increased capacities to serve local demand and the industry’s depressed profits more than a year into the pandemic.

The Chamber of Cement Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc called on consumers, developers and the construction sector to support locally-produced cement.

"We have enough capacity, and we do not need to import. We're hurting from the shrink on demand for cement. Some of our members, many are publicly-listed, announced declining profitability last year, given the pandemic," CEMAP president Reinier Dixon said.

Cemex Philippines, Holcim Philippines Inc and Republic Cement Builders and Building Materials Inc have submitted a petition for anti-dumping investigation for cement products from Vietnam.

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