Republic Cement launches AI tool to optimise raw mix

Republic Cement launches AI tool to optimise raw mix
24 May 2021

Philippines-based Republic Cement is rolling out a new AI tool to all its cement plants to reduce its CO2 emissions and produce a stronger cement.

The tool will optimise concentrations of raw ingredients in the cement mix by harnessing complex algorithms to save time and resources in its Bulacan and Batangas works as well as running the software as a pilot in its Teresa works in Rizal. “Our next step is to deploy this in all sites by the end of the year,” said Republic Cement’s Vice President for Manufacturing, Lloyd Vicente.

Republic Cement teamed up with the Aboitiz Data Science to build an AI tool to predict the compressive strength of cement immediately at the time it is produced. The use of AI in raw mix optimisation is expected to result in improved compressive strength of the cement produced as well lower CO2 emissions through better raw material efficiency.

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