Nuvoco Vistas Corp launch CorroSafe

Nuvoco Vistas Corp  launch CorroSafe
15 June 2021

Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd has launched Concreto CorroSafe, which is a corrosion-resistant concrete that extends the life of buildings. The advanced concrete mix design is reinforced with corrosion-resistant admixtures that act as inhibitors towards water seepage and rusting, protecting the lifespan of the structures, says Nuvoco Vistas. It is specially designed to increase the density and durability of the concrete mix. 

Speaking on the product, Prashant Jha, who leads the Ready-Mix business at Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd, said, "Corrosion is one of the single most leading causes for deterioration of concrete structures as it compromises the serviceability of the structure. Concreto CorroSafe is a differentiated solution developed at Construction Development and Innovation Centre (CDIC) to expand product basket addressing durability challenges of the structures which are severely exposed to aggressive environmental conditions. Such product solutions with prescriptive approach will help us enter specifier space to work along with consultants right from the design stage, and augment our network which is the need of the hour. Premium version CorroSafe+ is offered with specialised mix design, corrosion inhibiting additives and service life prediction for a better performance thus creating value for the customers. All this is going to enhance our brand value and improve long term profitability."

The special admix of Concreto CorroSafe protects steel and other metal alloys used in construction against water-induced carbonation, and penetration by sulphate and chloride ions.  

With a strong and durable finish, Concreto CorroSafe is especially suitable for construction in moisture-density areas, industrial buildings, coastal buildings, as well as marine constructions like jetty and dolphin structures. The sturdy and dense concrete is also ideal for load-bearing constructions, such as bridges and metro stations.

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