Titan's Greek plants gain Platinum rating for zero waste

Titan's Greek plants gain Platinum rating for zero waste
13 July 2021

The highest Platinum rating (Zero Waste) under the 'Zero Waste to Landfill' standard has been awarded to all of Titan's cement plants in Greece. 

The certification, carried out by Eurocert, reaffirms the excellent environmental performance of Titan's plants and rewards a practice already adopted to divert virtually 100 per cent of plant waste from landfill. This is achieved through initiatives taken to prevent the creation of waste and proper management to avoid landfilling.

General Manager for Greece, Angelos Kalogerakos, said, "Titan is clearly committed to contributing substantively, through its operation and products, to the zero-waste goal. The Platinum 'Zero Waste to Landfill' certification endorses and rewards the good practices that we have systematically applied for many years and that we have adopted in order to minimise our footprint and ensure a sustainable future for coming generations. We want to make all of our partners part of this commitment, aiming for a reliable and sustainable supply chain."

Titan's cement plants in the USA and Turkey have also received zero-waste certifications. With the addition of the three plants in Greece, the group has already surpassed its 2025 ESG target to have 50 per cent of its production "Zero Waste to Landfill" certified.

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