Rock Hard Distributors sees import restrictions claim dismissed

Rock Hard Distributors sees import restrictions claim dismissed
22 July 2021

The judicial review claim brought by Trinidad and Tobago-based Rock Hard Distributors and St Lucia-based Rock Hard Distribution Ltd against the Ministry of Trade and Industry against the ministry’s steps to introduce a quota on imported cement and a proposal to increase import duties was dismissed by Justice Jacqueline Wilson.

The claim sought to challenge the decision made by the ministry on 13 November 2020 introduce import quota from 1 January, allowing only a total of 75,000tpa for all distributors. The ministry said the system would reduce leakage of foreign exchange, strengthen the local cement industry, maintain employment and build on exports.

In addition, the separate proposal by the ministry sent to the Commission for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) for a further suspension of the common external tariff on other hydraulic cements and its intent to apply a 50 per cent rate of duty.

The cement importer said the steps would negatively impact on its operations.

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