Boral to shift electricity supply to green renewables by 2025

Boral to shift electricity supply to green renewables by 2025
08 September 2021

Boral is targeting 100 per cent renewable and hydrocarbon energy supply by 2025 as part of its net-zero emissions by 2050 commitment. The company is ‘exploring all options’ it said to Renew Economy which will cover Boral's energy needs outside of its Berrima kiln, which is set on a separate decarbonisation pathway.

CO2 emissions at the company's Berrima plant will focus on alternative fuels and improving energy efficiency upgrades as well as new and emerging technologies. Boral CEO, Zlatko Todorcevski, said, "We have a clear line of sight to deliver on our 2030 targets and beyond 2030, we are working on new and emerging technologies." 

Boral is also researching a federal government-funded pilot-scale carbon capture project for re-carbonation at its Innovation Factory based at the UTS Boral Centre for Sustainable Building. "Our pilot project will develop a carbon storage technology where the carbon captured from our Berrima cement plant in New South Wales will be stored permanently in recycled concrete, masonry and steel slag aggregates not only to store the carbon but also to improve the quality of these recycled materials," a Boral statement read.

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