Claudius Peters completes Schretter & Cie silo system

Claudius Peters completes Schretter & Cie silo system
13 September 2021

Claudius Peters announced that one of its latest silo projects is now in commercial operation. In cooperation with our customer Schretter & Cie GmbH & Co KG, Claudius Peters has designed and realised a new silo plant that is customised to fit in the landscape at the Vils cement plant in Austria. 

In the first step, Claudius Peters Projects GmbH delivered an aeroslide conveying system from the cement mill to the existing silos including state-of-the-art silo bottom aeration systems. The slip system has been tailor-made for the challenging climate and soil conditions.

Within the second step, a concrete silo group consisting of 3 x 3500m³ was constructed with expansion chamber (EC) technology, equipped with truck loading facilities. This created a cost-efficient silo solution,  instead of expanding the existing octagon silo plant, said Claudius Peters.

Each of the silos can be operated at a loading capacity of 250tph by a mobile loader with a travelling range of 10m.

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