Cemex UK recovers pallets for circular economy initiative

Cemex UK recovers pallets for circular economy initiative
06 October 2021

Cemex UK is extending its commitment to waste reduction and the circular economy with merchants by relaunching its nationwide pallet recovery service.  

The Cemex pallet recovery scheme aims to reduce timber waste in the supply chain and make greater environmental efficiencies, as part of its 'Future in Action – Committed to Net Zero CO2' Climate Action Strategy.   

Under the scheme, all re-usable wooden pallets are collected free of charge by ELM, Cemex's designated pallet collector, who refurbishes and returns the pallets to Cemex UK  for re-use. Any pallets damaged beyond repair are recycled. Nationwide collections are available within 10 working days on average from request, with capacity for up to 250 pallets (550 pallets for an articulated vehicle) per load but can be as few as 50 pallets. 

Graeme Barton, national sales manager for packed cement, Cemex, commented: "We want to make life easier for our merchants to work with us to reduce waste. We’d like to make pallet recovery part of the standard delivery process, as many pallets still end up in landfill. It is increasingly costly to dispose of pallet waste and there is far greater value to be gained by recycling and reuse. Rising timber costs, combined with pallet shortages, means there is a heightened need to conserve and maintain pallets throughout the supply chain. Recovery is considerably more cost effective than buying new replacements. 

"The pallet recovery service is regenerative by design and aims to support the key principals of the circular economy to benefit business, society and the environment. If we all pull together it will have a significant impact across the whole supply chain."

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