Argos commits to new 2030 CO2 emission targets

Argos commits to new 2030 CO2 emission targets
26 October 2021

On 25 October 2021 Argos held a climate change webinar in which it committed to reduce its CO2 emissions by 29 per cent in its cement plants by 2030. In just over the last decade, the company has already reduced its CO2 emissiosn by 14 per cent from its baseline. By 2050, Argos will offer carbon-neutral concrete, aligned with the Net Zero ambition plan of the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA). 

The Colombia-based cement producer will achieve its new targets by maximising waste co-processing, decreasing the amount of clinker in cement, optimising the calorific and electrical energy consumption, investment in clear technologies, increasing the purchase of electrical energy from renewable sources, and by offering products with sustainable features including low-carbon products which contribute to the circular economy and climate change adaption.

The main initiatives Argos is implementing include:
• co-processing of tyres and waste fuels in the USA, Honduras, and Colombia.
• the use of calcined clays and supplementary materials for low-carbon cements
• the pilot project to capture CO2 with micro algae at its Cartagena cement plant
• the green bags programme, which includes reverse logistics in collecting used bags from customers and delivering them to companies that can make use of them
• initiatives to reduce heat and electrical energy consumption
• purchase of electrical energy from renewable sources
• sustainable distribution of the company’s products in electric, hybrid and natural gas vehicles
• boosting the modular construction of housing and infrastructure
• a growing use of recycled aggregates in the company’s concrete facilities
• Via Forte: use of soil-cement technology to improve tertiary roads. 

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