UltraTech Cement commits to GCCA 2050 Roadmap

UltraTech Cement commits to GCCA 2050 Roadmap
10 November 2021

UltraTech Cement Ltd, has announced its commitment to the GCCA 2050 Cement and Concrete Industry Roadmap for Net Zero Concrete. 

UltraTech has made this commitment as a founding member of the GCCA and is among 40 of the world’s leading cement and concrete manufacturers to affirm their commitment to net zero concrete by 2050 and agree to an ambitious intermediate goal of preventing 5bnt of CO2 emissions by 2030.  

“We at UltraTech are fully committed to work together with our partners and stakeholders with the aim of achieving the Net Zero goal. GCCA’s ‘Concrete Future’ roadmap outlines this collective endeavour and will guide us to a net zero future for the building material sector. The roadmap will help deliver a decarbonised industry, provide net zero concrete and, together, help build a sustainable world of tomorrow,” said Kailash Jhanwar, managing director, UltraTech Cement. 

As part of its RE100 commitment led by the Climate Group in partnership with CDP, UltraTech Cement aims to meet 100 per cent of its electricity requirement through renewables sources by 2050. As part of its EP100 initiative, UltraTech targets to double energy productivity by the FY35, from the base year of FY10. The company has committed to reduce Scope 1 GHG intensity by 27 per cent by 2032 from the base year of 2017. UltraTech has also committed to reduce Scope 2 GHG intensity by 69 per cent by 2032 from the base year of 2017. These GHG emission targets have been validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). 

UltraTech is also leveraging green energy as a key enabler for decarbonisation. The company aims to scale up its green energy mix to 34 per cent of its total power requirement by 2024. UltraTech currently has 273MW of green energy capacity, which includes 125MW of WHRS installed capacity and 148MW of contracted renewable energy. 

UltraTech has similarly made significant progress on the use of AFR in its manufacturing operations. In FY21 alone, it has used more than 20Mt of industrial waste as raw materials. This has resulted in an annual CO2 reduction of more than 10Mt. Additionally, UltraTech has used 300,000t of waste, including municipal waste, as alternate fuel in its kilns. As a result, in FY21, UltraTech replaced more than three per cent of its fuel requirement with alternative materials, and more than 18 per cent of its raw material needs were met through alternate raw material. 

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