Ambuja and ACC to develop new calcined clay cements

Ambuja and ACC to develop new calcined clay cements
29 November 2021

Ambuja Cements and ACC have announced a partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) to develop calcined clay cements.

It will be implemented through a research project funded by the Holcim Innovation Centre in Lyon, France, and comprise of an in-depth scientific study into the influence of clinker, calcined clay and limestone on the performance of calcined clay cements. It aims to create next-generation cement with more than 50 per cent lower carbon emissions for Indian and international consumers.

"Through our extensive R&D set up, we consistently strive to develop new 'low-CO2' materials for the construction industry. Calcined clay cement is one such avenue to make a significant quantitative difference in the industry and further accelerate our 'sustainability drive'. Our academic partnership with IIT Delhi is a big step towards building a greener future and we are excited to collaborate with the best minds in the country,” said Neeraj Akhoury, CEO, Holcim India.

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