Ciment Quebec has selected Fives FCB to upgrade its Saint Basile plant

Ciment Quebec has selected Fives FCB to upgrade its Saint Basile plant
03 December 2021

On August 12th, 2021, Fives FCB was awarded a contract by Ciments Québec Inc (CQI) for the supply of two new FCB Horomill® grinding workshops to upgrade its Saint Basile plant cement production facilities.

Production of high quality cement with higher additives content
Ciment Québec was looking for a cutting-edge, reliable and environmentally-friendly grinding technology to produce numerous types of high quality cements and succeed in their evolution towards higher additives content.

Fives technologies to reduce environmental impact and perfectly comply with the technical requirements
To best meet CQI’s requirements, Fives has proposed its FCB Horomill® technology that perfectly matched the criteria with the following main advantages:
– Optimized CK ratio cement production capacity
 Zero water use in the process
– Lowest electrical consumption of the market
– All in reduced CO2 emissions per ton of cement
– Data processing for a permanent optimisation of the installation
– Fully automated operation with rapid change of recipe.

In addition the compactness as well as low noise and vibration levels of the installation were particularly well adapted to an existing and limited environment.

Two FCB Horomill® 4200 grinding workshops will be implemented, each including one FCB TSV™ 5000 THF Classifier with one FCB Aerodecanter/Flash dryer and one Fives TGT® process filter.

3D view of the cement grinding workshop

3D view of the cement grinding workshop

CQI's decision was based on its conviction about the validity and benefits of the FCB Horomill® technology, after having visited installations in the USA and Mexico, and also thanks to the excellent quality results during the pilot tests performed by the FCB Horomill® 500 compared to industrial ones in a ball mill.

"After a thorough technical review of the various technologies available today for cement grinding, we have selected the Horomill from Fives FCB being confident it is the best adapted solution for our multiple cements portfolio and our quest to reduce our cement environmental footprint," said Luc Papillon, President & CEO.

About Ciment Québec
Ciment Québec Inc. is a cement producer active in Québec, Ontario, the Maritimes provinces and the USA. It also operates integrated ready-mix concrete and aggregates operations in Quebec. With now 70 years of existence, Ciment Québec has long been focused on sustainable construction and is committed to produce eco-efficient cements of the highest quality.

About Fives FCB
Fives FCB is a major French player in the cement and minerals industries, providing innovative and tailor-made solutions that address environmental challenges. Fives’ technologies are designed to maximise energy efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of the cement producers’ installations.

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