Boston Consulting Group signs Climeworks agreement

Boston Consulting Group signs Climeworks agreement
09 December 2021

Boston Consulting Group (BSG) has signed a 10-year agreement with Climeworks, which will remove part of BCG’s unavoidable CO2 emissions and therefore, is an important part of the company’s net-zero strategy. BCG does consulting with the cement sector and the agreement could see Climeworks' direct carbon capture technology at more cement plants around the world. 

With this agreement, and others in this space still to come, BCG’s goal is to help unlock a meaningful direct air capture capacity by establishing long-term partnerships with direct air capture leaders to help scale the broader market and demonstrate the significant impact direct air capture can have in enabling companies to get to net-zero climate impact.

On top of the carbon removal purchasing agreement, BCG will provide consulting services to Climeworks with the objective of supporting the broader adoption and scaling of their services and thus help accelerate their scale-up.

“This is a critical partnership for BCG in our quest to lead in the decarbonisation space. Not only will we use Climeworks services to help meet our own net zero goal by 2030, but we will also aim to make an even greater impact by acting as a consulting partner to Climeworks to help accelerate the broader adoption and scaling of their services worldwide,” said Christoph Schweizer, CEO of BCG.

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